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Over the past decade of operation of National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), it was observed that the lack of information; be it regarding the technology, raw material or the market is a stumbling block in the way of success of budding entrepreneurs. While the bigger players in the field have the means to employ market research agencies, the small entrepreneurs don't have enough resources to avail such services. This portal has been designed to address the needs of such small but promising entrepreneurs and to help them to carve a niche for themselves.

With the popularisation of the Internet, the information delivery scenario has undergone a dramatic change. Information on any topic in any form (text/audio/video) is available freely on the net. Whether it is information on sources of raw material or query from a prospective client abroad wanting to know about the products and services available, the Internet offers a perfect delivery medium for an entrepreneur. Infact with the introduction of electronic-commerce (e-commerce) and electronic money (e-cash), the methodology of conducting business is undergoing change globally.


The website was launched by the then Minister for S&T on Technology Day 2000. Keeping in view the emergence of Internet as a powerful communication tool, the idea of developing a website, TIME IS, on Internet was conceived.

TIME IS aims at creating a knowledge base for budding techno-entrepreneurs to enable them to retrieve information and guidance for setting up their units from a single source. Since the Internet based database and website services are time and distance independent, potential entrepreneurs would find it extremely convenient to use this portal regardless of their geographical location. This methodology of reaching out to vast numbers of potential entrepreneurs is very effective, thanks to privatization of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) by Govt. of India.

In order to keep the entrepreneurs abreast of the latest developments in the arena of science and technology, periodic review meetings are being held and efforts are being made to make the site content rich and useful for potential entrepreneurs. The website is now extremely popular and has already crossed a hit rate of over one lakh.

Key Activities

TIME IS aims at bringing the information on financial, managerial and technology inputs within easy reach of the entrepreneurs and thus keep them updated about the ever-changing business scenario. The project is an endeavor to enable the potential entrepreneurs not only to survive but also remain competitive in the face of stiff competition from bigger MNCs.

Some of the key services of the portal are:

1. To assist entrepreneurs in locating technologies available from various laboratories and companies in India

2. To keep entrepreneurs informed about salient technologies in different sectors

3. To assist R&D institutions in both public and private sectors to publicise adequate information about the technologies available with status and cost details

4. To provide information about incentives available for setting up industries in different states

5. To provide information about the policy and legal framework applicable to setting up of various types of business enterprises

6. To provide information about appraisal methodologies adopted by various financial institutions


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