Technology Based Entrepreneurship Development Programme (TEDP)

A Technology Based EDP primarily focuses on training and development need of S&T entrepreneurs in a specific technology area (for example, Leather, Plastic, Electronics & Communication, Fragrance & Flavour, Instrumentation, Sports Goods, Bio-technology, IT Computer Hardware, Food Processing, Bio-medical Equipment, Glass & Ceramics, Jute Products, Sustainable Building Materials, Herbs & Medical Plants Processing, etc.). The participants are provided with hands-on training in indigenous technologies developed by R&D institutions that are available for commercial exploitation.

In each TEDP, 20-25 persons, having a degree/diploma in S&T are trained through a structured training programme of about 6 weeks duration. The TEDP provides class room training on motivational management areas besides actual hands-on training in the specific technology areas by technology providers.

Programme Objective

TEDP is a structured training programme of 6-weeks duration designed to motivate and develop entrepreneurs in specific products/technologies/processes developed by CSIR labs, R&D institutions, universities etc. 

In a TEDP :-

1. The entrepreneurs are exposed to technical knowledge about the products and technologies and are enabled to develop their skills at the lab of the technology provider.

2. The R&D lab having commercially viable technologies, get potential entrepreneurs as its "takers"; and

3. The entrepreneurship-training institute can put concerted efforts in a specific discipline of product-technology and thus can have better control over the course of the programme and its success.

The participants are selected through various tests and personal interviews to assess their potential of becoming a successful entrepreneur. During the training period, the participants also get to know the intricacies of how to start and manage an enterprise. At the end they are assisted in preparing a bankable project report.


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